made in italy


Our KONUSAIR® yarn is 100% made of Polypropylene thread and offers the user benefits technically and clearly explained.
The KONUSAIR® yarn has the lowest heat transfer coefficient and ensures the thermal insulation in two manners.

The first is provided by the air between the clothing and fabric while the second insulation is obtained by the air microcirculation inside the bra that keeps the body perfectly dry and expels the sweat.

The Konustex fabric is 100% made of polypropylene. This particular fiber is ideal for staying in contact with the skin, as it doesn’t absorb moisture (only 0.05%) and is therefore able to quickly expel sweat toward the outer layers. The unique structure of our fabrics has been specially designed to maximize the thermal insulation effect, keeping the body temperature to a comfortable level both in strong sweating and in resting. Our textiles take advantage of the hydrophobic properties of polypropylene to remain constantly dry, transmitting the user a sensation of heat during the cold months and cool in the warmer months.