made in italy


The KONUSAIR™ polypropylene fabric has a considerable elasticity; quite superior to most fabrics and therefore it is comfortable to wear and it adapts to the body in a delicate manner.

Our goal is to offer quality materials and execution.
From the yarn selection to the packaging of the finished garment, every step is carefully monitored and supervised by conducting capillary quality controls on each item. We take care of every product in all its details from finishes to packaging.

We also know what really matters to the user, beyond the aspect of the product is the performance that you get each time you wear it.

In this spirit, the tests we carry out show the incredible capabilities of our textiles when it comes to quick sweat dispersing, keeping the skin dry and ensuring at the same time an optimum body temperature in conditions both extremely hot and intense cold. The production entirely made in Italy is the best guarantee possible for our customers.